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Zhang Qi


PhD Geography and Planning

Incoming 2017

From Sun Yat-Sen University

Research Project:
An evaluation of external transportation (include aviation and port) in Pearl River Delta with regard to embeddedness in global production networks

Hello! My name is Zhang Qi, a PhD Candidate in School of Geography and Planning, Sun Yat-Sen University. My research mainly concentrate upon the evaluation of the external transportation (include aviation and port) in Pearl River Delta, and further explore how these traffic flows contribute to the PRD embedded in the global production network and how the PRD gradually growing a strategic node in the worldwide.

Thanks to the opportunity provided by Global South Studies Center in Cologne University, I spend two month live in Cologne, and take advantage of this opportunity I carry out field work in Frankfurt Airport and Hamburger Hafen. This experience deepen my understanding of related literature and inspire me for my follow-up research.