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Sinethemba Dlikilili


MA Geography

Incoming 2017

From University of the Western Cape

Research Project:
The impact of rainfall variability on vegetation cover. An analysis of periodical rainfall variations relative to changes in vegetation cover

Hallo, mein Name ist Sinethemba Dlikilili and I am studying Masters in Geography at the University of the Western Cape, South Africa. My current project is focusing on an understanding of the impact of rainfall variability on vegetation cover. The idea is to analyze the periodical variations of rainfall relative to changes in vegetation cover.

I attended a DAAD “Academic Training Workshop”, a student exchange program between UWC and the University of Cologne. I will forever be grateful for such an opportunity as I leant a lot both academically and personally. I acquired new presentation skills, thanks to Miss Sonja Hülsebus for the wonderful tips. As a student, writing in a perfect academic way is always a challenge, specifically if you are not a native English speaking person. Thanks to Dr. Darren Paul Foster for a wonderful session on academic writing and thank you for the material you provided.

My living experience in Cologne was breathtaking, even though our stay was quite short we managed to do as many activities as possible, like the carnival – it was an amazing experience. In overall, being in the north physically was an exotic experience.