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Yang Jiangmin


MA Human Geography 

Incoming 2017

From Sun Yat-sen University

Research Project:
The influence of globalization processes on the natural environment of the Pearl River Delta area in China

Nihao, my name is Yang Jiangmin. I am a master student of human geography from Sun Yat-sen University, China. My research focuses on how the natural environment of Pearl River Delta area in China is influenced by various activities of the globalization process.

Given this opportunity of staying in Germany for two weeks, I learned not only from professors at the workshop, but also from students from India and Argentina, who provided me with inspiring ideas and interesting alternative prospects.

Moreover, I also visited the old industrial site Ruhr region, which went through transformations that resembles what the Pearl River area has been going through. Although the visit is brief, it has already broadened my vision and understanding of my research topic.

I am grateful for this great opportunity, and would like to visit Germany again some time.