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Florence Ncube


MA Anthropology

Incoming 2017

From University of the Western Cape

Research Project:
Migration and political violence

Hello, my name is Florence Ncube, currently studying towards a Master’s Degree in Anthropology at the University of the Western Cape, Cape Town, South Africa.

I study migration and political violence. My Masters’ thesis focused on how Rwandan spies allegedly ignored geographical boundaries and perpetrated political violence, against Rwandan army deserters living in self-imposed exile in Cape Town. These former military men are regarded as a threat to the current Kagame administration. I analysed how these alleged attacks, affect the army deserters’ capacity to have sustainable livelihoods and lead normal civilian lives in the host society.

As part of the exchange fellowship between University of Cologne and University of the Western Cape, I had the honour of being selected for the Short term DAAD Scholarship and I attended an intense Academic writing workshop at University of Cologne. The workshop was very helpful for me because I am writing my thesis. I spent 8 days in Cologne and I had a great experience, the people I met were awesome and special mention goes to the team that came to Cape Town on the 2017 exchange programme.  These people made my stay in Cologne a memorable one. Professionally, the programme put me on the right path in my academic career.