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PhD Philosophy

Incoming 2017

from the Universidad Nacional de San Martín (UNSAM)

Research interests: The early thinking of Hans-Georg Gadamer and the relationship between philosophy, poetry and politics in Platos work.

My name is Facundo Bey and I am an argentinian Researcher (CONICET, UBA, Centro de Investigaciones Filosóficas), Adjunct Professor in Political Science (USAL) and Ph. D. Candidate in Philosophy at Universidad Nacional de San Martín in Buenos Aires, Argentina. I study the early thinking of Hans-Georg Gadamer (1900-2002) and the relationship between philosophy, poetry and politics in Plato's work, specially in the interpretation this main German philosopher has carried out in his "Plato und die dichter" conference (1934). I spent two months living in Cologne thanks to a joint Mobility Grant from the DAAD Network Remapping Global South and the Global South Studies Center Cologne (Universität zu Köln) as well as the Instituto de Altos Estudios Sociales (Universidad Nacional de General San Martín). During my stay, I had the unique opportunity to attend and speak at the Global South Studies Center of the University of Cologne Autumn School 2017: “Student Protest(s) in the Global South”, organized by the Department of Iberian and Latin American History (9-14th October). This experience was wonderful not only because I could  deliver to an international auditorium a presentation on the Argentine University Reform of 1918 and the relationship between Identity and Science that took place in that process but also because I had the exceptional posibility of learning about historical student movements and movilizations of the 20th centhury all over the world, from Germany to South Africa, from Mexico to Spain, and in every single case from a variety of methodological frameworks. Also I attended a very useful and well designed "Academic Training Workshop", where I improved my professional skills and shared a very enriching experience with colleagues from India and China. At Uni Köln I could attend some classes on political theory too and at its library I could access to specific literature for my research. My experience in Germany also involved visiting libraries and archives (Uni Marburg, Deutsches Literaturarchiv am Marbach) that provided me with very important and unpublished material that I could include in my thesis. During this period, I could finish two chapters of my thesis and also visit my thesis Supervisor in Rome. On the whole, it was a fundamental step both in my current research and academic career and a stunning human experience. I want to thank, on one hand, professors Ulrike Wesch, Barbara Potthast, Antonio Sáez Arance and Valeria Manzano from both Universität zu Köln and Universidad Nacional de General San Martín for being so close and suportive during the entire period and, on the other hand, the very welcoming students of the Universität zu Köln as well as my argentinian mates from UNSAM.