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Qian Zhu


PhD Social and Cultural Anthropology

Outgoing 2015

to Sun Yat-sen University

Research Area:
Migration and Translocal Relations

Research Project:
Chinese immigration law and policy reforms: Perspectives of law makers, administrators and immigrants

My name is Qian Zhu, I am a PhD candidate in the department of Social and Culture Anthropology.

My research deals with the situation of african immigrants in Guangzhou and is about Chinese immigration law and policy reforms, perspectives of law markers, administrators and immigrants. I did my case study in Guangzhou.

During my fieldwork in Guangzhou I greatly benefited from the guidance of several professors (Prof. Xiyuan Li; Prof. Daming Zhou; Prof. Wenyi Zhang), who helped me explore my research topic in more depth. Some classmates also helped me contact their friends who do business with Africans in Guangzhou.

I sincerely appreciate the DAAD-Networks exchange scholarship. This exchange experience was both fruitful and amazing, and it will certainly enrich me professionally, and leave me wonderful memories.