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Janna Gutenberg


MA Regional Studies of Latin American and Social Sciences

Outgoing 2015

to Universidad Nacional de San Martín

Research Area:
Social Movements and Struggles for Participation

Research Project:
The Asambleas Populares a decade after the Argentinian crisis. A Case Study on the ‚Asamblea Popular Plaza Dorrego‘

Hi, my name is Janna. I study Regional Studies of Latin America and Social Sciences at the University of Cologne.

My research area is “Social Movements and Struggles for Participation”. As my master’s thesis is about the “Asambleas Populares/Barriales” which developed during the Argentinian crisis in 2001, I was happy to get the chance to realize a three months field trip to Buenos Aires and to do some local research in collaboration with the National University of General San Martín (UNSAM).

Considering the weak state of the art of the topic, I was glad to get access to local archives and libraries. Besides, I took the chance to interview contemporary witnesses and participants of still existing “Asambleas” of the social movement to understand their history more vividly.