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Javier Perez Ibanez


PhD Sociology

Incoming 2018

From the Universidad Nacional de San Martín (UNSAM)

Research Project: Social conflict on upgrading process. The case of argentiniean motorvehicules GVC.

My name is Javier Perez Ibáñez, I am sociologist specialized in economy, in particular I study Global Value Chains in Argentina. I have a PhD fellowship from CONICET and I am professor in the Universidad Nacional de San Martin.  My academicals research is focused in the social conflict that inherent to the upgrading strategies. I study the case od the automotive chain in Argentina.

During my visit to the University of Cologne and the Global South Studies Center I was able to participate in the Workshop “ Impacts of MNEs on upgrading value chains”. In this exchange program I managed to listen to many lectures that many colleagues from differents countries presented about their local Chains and their upgradning challengs. Finally, I have presented the preliminary results from my master thesis to the global south work team receinving many comments and recommendations about how to go on with my research