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Bangxing Liang


MA Human Geography

Incoming 2018

From South China Normal University (China)

Research Project: Geopolitical/Geo-economic imaginations of Sino-Africa cooperation: A case study of Chinese immigrants in Zimbabwe.


Guten Tag! My name is Bangxing Liang, I am currently a postgraduate student at South China Normal University majoring in human geography. Actually, I pay more attention to the connections of South-South migration below the context of denationalization. 

Firstly, many thanks for the professors Javier Revilla Diez, Ulrike Wesch and Wenying Fu who gave me this opportunity to have a wonderful experience in Cologne for 14 days. Secondly, I am also thankful to my colleagues (Xianfei Chen and Jiaxin Li) and other friends who came from Argentina and Germany to exchange our opinions about upgrading value chains in developing countries. This was very enlightening.

On the whole, I will never forget the smiles on the people faces. Hope to see everyone again.