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Renato Mauricio Fumero


PhD Sociology

Incoming 2016

From Universidad Nacional de San Martín

I am currently a PhD candidate in Sociology at the Institute of Social Research (IDAES). My PhD work is enrolled as well in the Center for Social-Economic Studies (CESE) and in the Research Institute in Art and Critics, National University of the Arts (UNA). Both, IDAES and CESE, belong to the National University of San Martin (UNSAM), Argentina.

My current subject of research is the valuation and the value production of art in the contemporary art scene of Buenos Aires. I study the way in which, in different social institutions (art competitions, galleries, etc.), both monetary and non-monetary interactions entangle to create complex and dynamic valuative ecologies, where economic and artistic values “negotiate” their boundaries.

I find that the opportunity to work at the University of Köln will prove to be a decisive step in my academic training. I hope that I will find an academic and social environment where I will be able to work on my thesis.

At the moment, I am systematizing the results of my fieldwork in two different areas, artistic competitions and special artistic retirement pension systems. It will be of great importance to find scholars with whom I can share my conclusions.