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Nora Coiticher


PhD History

Incoming 2016

From Universidad Nacional de San Martín

I am currently a doctoral student in the Department of History at Universidad Nacional de San Martin, where I studied under the direction of Dr. Juan Suriano and expect to receive my Ph.D. in March 2018.

My dissertation is entitled "Anarchism and urban space. Analysis of practices and representations of anarchist movement in the city of Buenos Aires (1897-1919)". In my dissertation, I investigate the specific traditions of occupation of space and construction of representations of the urban phenomenon of the anarchist movement.

My inquiry focuses on concrete occupations in the modern city, updating and deepening the knowledge about the urbanization process in general terms, and recuperating places, sites to construct the memory of and undermine social group in the present of the city.

The opportunity to stay in Cologne, and specifically at a university with great experience as is the University of Cologne, represents a unique opportunity to advance in this sense, complementing the knowledge acquired in previous formative.

The attendance to the Academic Training Workshop will provide me a global approach to the academic world and the writing requirements, the interdisciplinary approach of the programs leaded by the Global South Studies Center, and the unique opportunity to be in contact with teachers as well as with colleagues from different academic disciplines will be inspiring as well. All of which will improve my research, incorporating new issues and perspectives.