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Daniel Felipe Saldivia Gonzatti


MA Political Science

Outgoing 2016

to Universidad Nacional de San Martín

Research Area:
Social Movements and Struggles for Participation

Research Project:
Women in social movements during the Kirchner periods in Argentina

My name is Daniel Felipe Saldivia Gonzatti and I study Political Science at the University of Cologne.

Thanks to the funding of the thematic network “Remapping the Global South” I went to Buenos Aires, Argentina and did research on woman political participation during Kirchnerism.

Since my arrival knowing people and new realities has been part of my daily basis. Cultural and academic offers in the city are very varied; courses at the IDAES of the Universidad de San Martín have been very fruitful for understanding current social and political Argentinian life, as well as having interviews with different participants from different social movements.

Gender is a very important topic now in public opinion, which contextualizes my research focus on one of the top media topics. People reacted very interested when I told them about the project and their stories are impressive and illuminating as well. Concerning the research, some changes had to be undertaken to pursue comparability regarding social reality of women participation in social movements. I am especially focusing on the Movimiento Evita and Barrios de Pie, ex-piquetero movements.