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Adelina Matinca


MA Culture and Environment in Africa

Outgoing 2016

to University of the Western Cape

Research Area:
Natural and Cultural Heritage as New Commons

Research Project:
Elephant conservation: What does that actually mean in the KAZA region (Botswana / Namibia)

I am Adelina Matinca a master student at the University of Cologne studying Culture and Environment in Africa. Thanks to the support of the thematic network “Remapping the Global South” I conducted field research in Namibia, Cape Town and Johannesburg. My research focus was on elephant conservation and the impact it has on the local population.

After my participation in the CITES conference in Johannesburg where I gathered information on the various approaches, policies and philosophies of conservation of South African elephants and other species, I travelled to Namibia.

There I was able to collect a lot of data on how locals view conservation; the impact wildlife has on their livelihoods; and anti-poaching measures that are established. It is my goal to contribute to enrich local livelihoods by proposing potential strategies to combat current existing problems. Everyone was incredibly helpful and I could not have accomplished as much as I have in such a short period of time if it weren’t for some key contacts, to whom I am forever grateful!