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Larisa Mantovani


PhD History

Incoming 2015

From Universidad Nacional de San Martín

Research Project:
La institucionalización de las artes decorativas y aplicadas en Buenos Aires entre 1910 y 1937

Hello, my name is Larisa Mantovani and I’m pursuing my PhD in History at Universidad Nacional de San Martín in Bueonos Aires, Argentina.

During my stay in Cologne I have learned not only about Germany but also about Argentina and Latin America by looking at them from the distance and with the eyes of foreigners.

I discovered that Cologne has a lot of art museums and great cultural activities. Related to my subject, visiting the "Museum für Angewandte Kunst" helped me organize my ideas and have a deeper understanding of the decorative and applied arts in Europe and the United States.

Besides, the research in the library of the Kunsthistorisches Institut was very productive. Attending two classes at the University of Cologne, where I met a lot of people from different countries, got to know them and their researches, was one of my best experiences.

I am very happy that the DAAD-Network and the GSSC gave me the possibility to advance with my thesis and broaden my research to an international level.