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Esteban Pontoriero


PhD History

Incoming 2015

From Universidad Nacional de San Martín

Hello, my name is Esteban Pontoriero and I’m pursuing my PhD in History at Universidad Nacional de San Martín in Bueonos Aires, Argentina.

I study the process by which political repression became a military issue in a counterinsurgent way in Argentina between 1955 and 1976. Among politicians and the military I analyze the definition of an “enemy within”, the repressive methods developed to face him and the justifications maintained by them to legitimize the use of military forces in political repression.

Thanks to the scholarship of the DAAD-Network I could spent two months in Cologne and was able to write two chapters of my thesis.

My experience living in Germany was awesome and I got in touch with a lot of nice people and places.

Professionally it was a big step forward in my academic career.