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Francisco Javier Ulloa García


MA Latin American History

Outgoing 2018

To the Universidad Nacional de San Martín (UNSAM)

Research topic: Feminismo Comunitario and feminismo barrial in contemporary Buenos Aires; an option to decolonize our gender.

The concepts of Feminismo comunitario, feminismos barriales and feminismos poscoloniales are some of the bright and intersectional variations of the feminist theory in postcolonial Latin American. The popularity of feminist discourses through #niunamenos movement and the nowadays debate about Abortion are some of the reasons why I selected Argentina in general and Buenos Aires in particular to be a space of research about those ideas.

I will try, on one hand, to look how new forms of collective action have been generated from the indigenous and the activist groups, making the different feminist organizations, which previously fought from the margins of power, be the protagonists of a paradigm and epistemic shift in Latin American society (making changes in the forms of protest, of speak and of behave between each other inside and outside the groups). Furthermore, and on the other hand, I have been wondering myself about the connections and disconnections between the so called academic feminisms and feminismos barriales, analysing academic references like Maria Lugones, Rita Laura Segato and Karina Bidaseca. It is interesting to observe the different strategies, theories and fundaments that overlap producing an internal debate and maybe separate and subjugate different forms of perform feminism.