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Julia Müller


MA Geography

Outgoing 2017

to University of the Western Cape


My name is Julia and I am currently pursuing my Master’s Degree in Anthropogeography at the University of Cologne. The funding by the DAAD Network “Re-mapping the Global South” enables me to undertake field research in rural South Africa.

My work is centered on gender inequality in traditional societies. During my stay in KwaZulu-Natal from April to June 2017 I will be able to stay with a local family in the rural area of Msinga, where I can focus my research on women livestock owners and their livelihoods. Two local NGOs “Mdukatshani Rural Development Project” and “Heifer South Africa” support me and provide me with access to the field. In return we will conduct a baseline survey focusing on livestock, gender and food security issues together. I hope to gain important insights on women’s role in agriculture and their livelihood strategies in one of the least developed areas of South Africa.