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December 10 - 24, 2018

Workshop: Transformation processes in urban areas - a comparison of different regions

A report by indian students

We are extremely fortunate and grateful to have been a part of this exchange programme by the DAAD-Network "Remapping the Global South - Teaching, Researching, Exchanging". Since being selected, it has been nothing but a constant process of learning. There has been enormous intercultural learning as well as exposure to research methods. Working in teams with the German students has definitely strengthened our ability to work in multicultural teams. 

After participating in the field school in Pune in October 2018 and the final presentations in Pune it became clear that we would need to discuss the topic a bit further. Our visit to Cologne was therefore used to work on the reports and to continue discussing the results of our conducted interviews. Besides the intensive working periods supervised by Dr. Carsten Butsch, Prof. Milap Punia and Suvamoy Pramanik together with the students from Cologne University we also had the chance to make excurstions to the peri-urban and rural areas around Cologne.

Especially the visit to Metabolon, which is an ideal transformation from a landfill site to a place of discovery and innovation, acquainted us with the practical implications of the solid waste management practices as well as the development of an educational initiative. India with its huge waste management problem can surely replicate this facility. The field visit was an extensive process of exploring, learning and pledging to inculcate these learnings into our daily lives.

The visit to Cologne has been a pleasantly overwhelming experience for each one of us. The perfect blend of culture, ethics and social affability has left indelible impressions on our mind that will be cherished for the rest of our lives.