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October 17-21, 2016

“Movimientos Sociales en América Latina” Buenos Aires   

Within the framework of the thematic network „Re-Mapping the Global South: Teaching, Researching and Exchanging“ funded by the DAAD the Universidad de San Martín (UNSAM) together with the Insituto de Altos Estudios Sociales(IDAES) conducted a workshop on “Movimientos Sociales en América Latina“ (Social Movements in Latin America) in Buenos Aires, Argentina. The workshop took place from 17th to 19th October and was followed by two excursions and a one-day workgroup meeting.

Participants were scientists and advanced students from Argentina, Germany, Chile, Brazil and the USA. The aim was to discuss and open up new perspectives on current problems and questions on movement research from different disciplines. 

The interdisciplinary structure of the workshop on theory and practice of social movements enhanced the respective research with new perspectives and discussions. It was not only an opportunity for scientists to exchange ideas but also a chance for students to take part in current research debates and get inspirations for their own projects. All participating scientists and institutions emphasized the up-to-datedness and relevance of the workshop topic and expressed their wish for and the necessity of a further exchange beyond the region of Latin America.